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It was hardly seen until I displayed my colors. My wife was reluctant. What would the neighbors think? She only agreed to the flag when I agreed to place a sign beside it. So these two symbols of our polarized country now have equal footing in our home. Still, my flag continues to fly. Obama knew what all Americans should know more of — their history. This flag, the same one my wife and neighbors shy away from, is the flag that flew over the Capitol when Congress passed the Americans With Disabilities Act. This is the flag that flew over the Supreme Court when that body sanctioned same-sex marriage.

There was a time was when Americans of all political stripes — and some historical stars — claimed the flag. In , when immigrants in Lawrence, Massachusetts, walked off their mill jobs seeking better pay, they paraded behind an American flag. He wore a favorite shirt, fashioned from the stars and stripes. Guards ripped the shirt off him.

Does Ann Coulter Know What She's Talking About?

He was arrested and convicted for defiling the flag, but his conviction was overturned. That decision was as American as apple pie, because this flag belongs to all Americans who claim it. National Review also suggested that while writing the book, Brock had been "seduced" by Sidney Blumenthal , a champion and friend of the Clinton circle. When the book came out, it was widely criticized for not breaking any new ground. John Balzar, reviewing the book in the Los Angeles Times , called it "[e]xhaustive to the point of exhaustion" and "predictably critical but unexpectedly measured, at least in comparison to what Beltway gossips anticipated".

Stewart , reviewing the book in The New York Times , said that Brock had "tried to do his subject justice in the broadest sense" but added that "[a]t times he goes too far," often "echo[ing] her apologists" and "dismiss[ing] or rationaliz[ing] the sometimes powerful evidence that Hillary Rodham Clinton has lied Sales of the book were dismal. A deal to excerpt it in Newsweek fell through because the newsmagazine's editors decided that it contained nothing new or exciting. The publisher lost millions of dollars and Brock's editor, Adam Bellow , was fired. The Nation has described Brock as a "conservative journalistic assassin turned progressive empire-builder" [7] while National Review has called him a "right-wing assassin turned left-wing assassin" [21] and Politico has profiled him as a "former right-wing journalist-turned-pro-Clinton crusader".

In July , Esquire magazine published a confessional piece by Brock entitled "Confessions of a Right-Wing Hit Man" in which he recanted much of what he said in his two best-known American Spectator articles and criticized his own reporting methods.

Definition of Collaboration Frays at Edges

David Brock the Road Warrior of the Right is dead. Writing again for Esquire in April , Brock apologized to Clinton for his muckraking journalism about Troopergate.

Gutfeld: Liberal reporter tries to out Robert Downey Jr.

Brock defended his betrayal of a confidential source by saying, "I've concluded that what I was involved in wasn't journalism , it was a political operation, and I was part of it So I don't think the normal rules of journalism would apply to what I was doing". In this book, an "outgrowth" of Confessions of a Right-Wing Hit Man , Brock charted what the Daily Beast called his "remarkable metamorphosis to ardent acolyte from sworn enemy of Bill and Hillary Clinton.

He wrote that he had been "a mad dog, an emotional monster," "a whore for the cash," "a Jew in Hitler's army," and "a witting cog in the Republican sleaze machine," and asserted that he hadn't known "what good reporting was. Many critics responded with skepticism to Brock's claim to have reformed himself.

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The reviewer for The Washington Post wrote that Brock "quotes the worst things critics said about him, and agrees with every word". These and other critics noted that Brock, while claiming to feel remorse for his attacks on the Clintons and professing to have put personal assaults behind him, now seemed as eager to go after targets on the right as he had once gone after targets on the left.

Hitchens responded with disgust, for example, to Brock's "coarse attack" in the book on Juanita Broaddrick , who had accused Bill Clinton of rape. Hitchens was particularly harsh, stating that Brock "inserts a completely gratuitous slander against a decent woman, all of whose independent assertions have survived meticulous fact-checking". Many readers on the left, however, greeted the book with enthusiasm, and eagerly welcomed Brock.

This was especially true of the Clintons. Shortly after the book's publication, Bill Clinton phoned Brock at home and praised it lavishly.

Predator Nation

Later, according to Politico , "Brock was invited to the former president's Harlem office where he was shocked to discover Clinton had purchased dozens of copies — and stuffed them into a big cabinet". Clinton, it turned out, was mailing them to friends across the country. Brock directly addressed the right-wing "machine" in his book, The Republican Noise Machine , in which he detailed an alleged interconnected, concerted effort to raise the profile of conservative opinions in the press through false accusations of liberal media bias , dishonest and highly partisan columnists, partisan news organizations and academic studies, and other methods.

Publishers Weekly described it as a "blistering j'accuse" that, compared to Blinded by the Right , was "a less gossipy and more systematic assault on the right-wing media juggernaut. Also in , he featured briefly in the BBC series The Power of Nightmares , where he stated that the Arkansas Project engaged in political terrorism. He founded the group with help from the Center for American Progress.

When Brock proposed the idea of Media Matters, Hillary Clinton invited him to the Clintons' Chappaqua home to pitch the idea to potential donors. It was reported in June that when the House Select Committee on Benghazi questioned Sidney Blumenthal, committee members asked no fewer than 45 questions about Brock and Media Matters. Brock was active in Hillary Clinton's campaign for the presidency in Brock announced in that he was forming a Super PAC , American Bridge 21st Century , to help elect liberal Democrats , starting with the election cycle.

The group has more than 80 staffers. In late Brock founded Correct the Record , described by The New York Times as Hillary Clinton's "own personal media watchdog," keeping track of all negative news surrounding her.

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That's where I saw the need. The New York Times had run an article questioning his groups' fundraising practices, and he charged that "current and former Priorities officials were behind this specious and malicious attack on the integrity of these critical organizations. In , Brock relaunched the American Independent News Network, formerly a network of progressive state-based reporting outlets, into the American Independent Institute , a group which provides grants for liberal investigative journalism projects. Brock serves as the group's president. In , Brock became the chairman of the Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington board of directors, in what was characterized as a more explicitly partisan stance for the organization.

While CREW operates as a c 3 nonprofit prohibited from engaging in partisan activity, Brock made clear he intends to create a more politically oriented arm registered under section c 4 , and also form a new overtly partisan watchdog group called The American Democracy Legal Fund registered under section , allowing it to engage in direct political activity.

When asked if CREW would still continue pursuing complaints against Democrats, Brock responded, "No party has a monopoly on corruption and at this early juncture, we are not making categorical statements about anything that we will and won't do. Having said that, our experience has been that the vast amount of violations of the public trust can be found on the conservative side of the aisle.

Predator Nation by Charles H. Ferguson: | Books

In his book Killing the Messenger: The Right-Wing Plot to Derail Hillary Clinton and Hijack Your Government , Brock described "how the Clintons quickly switched from prey to patrons, setting him on his current path as a fundraiser and progressive provocateur. At the same time, in the words of Politico , he depicted Bill and Hillary Clinton "as personal and political angels.

Calling the book a "trenchant j'accuse," Publishers Weekly said that parts of it "read like a fund-raising prospectus" for MMA but concluded that while "Brock's rhetorical venom and naked partisanship will alienate some readers Hanna Rosin wrote that it reads like "pages that bullet-point Hillary's accomplishments as secretary of state or the achievements of the Clinton Foundation. Rosin stated: "So dogged is Brock's devotion to Hillary that it often gets in the way of his being credible, not to mention interesting.

In , Brock formed an investment venture, True Blue Media, to purchase an 80 percent stake in Blue Nation Review , an online news website. Blue Nation Review was later re-branded as Shareblue. It was reported on September 1, , that a batch of Hillary Clinton's emails that had been made public included one from Brock entitled "Memo on Impeaching Clarence Thomas.

Politico reported in January that Brock was preparing a new advertisement that would call on presidential candidate Bernie Sanders "to release his medical records before the Iowa caucuses on Feb.

Later in January, Brock responded to a Sanders campaign ad by telling the Associated Press: "From this ad, it seems black lives don't matter much to Bernie Sanders," Sanders aides responded by accusing Brock of "mudslinging. He later was forced to apologize for his lies about her. Today, he is lying about Sen Sanders. It's bad enough that Hillary Clinton is raising millions in special-interest money in her Super Pacs.

It is worse that she would hire a mudslinger like David Brock. At a campaign event in Iowa in late January , Bernie Sanders denied any plans to "bus in out-of-state college students to caucus for him," charging that this was a lie and attributing it to Brock. It was reported on February 1, , that Brock was still drawing a salary from American Bridge 21st Century, which was legally prohibited from coordinating with the Clinton campaign, while also drawing a salary from Correct the Record, which was "directly working with the Clinton campaign on Internet-based pushback against the controversies that have dogged her presidential bid.

Robert Maguire of the Center for Responsive Politics suggested that Brock was "running a shadow campaign" via a network of groups that Maguire called "the Brocktopus.

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On February 8, , after the near-tie in the Iowa caucuses between Clinton and Sanders, Brock told Politico that "Senator Sanders is trying to live in the purity bubble, and it needs to be burst. Brock was formerly the domestic partner of William Grey; Fox News reported that their relationship ended in a bitter, three-year-long legal battle in which "Brock and Grey traded angry accusations, Brock claimed to have stopped working directly with American Bridge, although its staffers continued to operate out of his office. Paul Ryan, a lawyer at the Campaign Legal Center, considered complaining about Brock to the Federal Election Commission and Justice Department, charging that he was "creating new ways to undermine campaign regulation.

In , Jonah Goldberg wrote in National Review that while Brock has been "hailed by liberals for 'coming clean,' they would never really trust him. Brock's claim that the Clintons have never committed any wrongdoing has received criticisms from many, including fellow Democrats, who have cited instances of abuse.

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  4. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. For other people named David Brock, see David Brock disambiguation. Washington, D. Main article: The Real Anita Hill. Main article: Troopergate Bill Clinton. Main article: The Seduction of Hillary Rodham. Main article: Blinded by the Right.

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    Main article: The Republican Noise Machine. Main article: Media Matters for America. Main article: American Bridge 21st Century. Main article: Correct the Record. Main article: American Independent Institute.